Jo Corona has more than 20 years experience as a creative pattern maker and designer, working with many well-known Australian fashion labels. Her journey as a designer began with her grandmother, a tailor from Southern Europe – a woman who was known to have ‘hands of gold’ and who taught Jo to cut directly into the cloth in the tradition of couturiers. A natural born teacher, Jo’s grandmother taught the women of her village how to make clothes for their families after the Second World War, enabling them to restore their family life and culture. This tradition continues with GIÓ Bespoke. The full circle of family, culture and the mastery of craft.

With her range of christening gowns, communion dresses, flower- girl and party dresses made from exquisite fabrics and intricate hand-beading, Jo brings the joy of creation into each of her beautiful and unique pieces. Garments are constructed with consideration for the look and feel of your event and are tailored to suit each special day. Beaded designs are hand drawn by Jo and transferred onto the fabric; appliquéd designs are stitched onto the gown by hand, giving each piece a level of artistry that reflects the preciousness of your occasion. Jo is inspired by her love of travel, architectural traditions, the work of classic fashion houses and historical garments – the splendor and innovation of hundreds of years of textile craftsmanship.

Drawing from her own family background of talented and creative tailoring: GIÓ Bespoke offers you the chance to enjoy and cherish pieces that will become part of your own family tradition.